Trail Training Overview



This process is best understood by breaking into three steps:

  1. Account set up

  2. Training

  3. Data migration

Account set up (usually same day)

Setting up your Trail account is straightforward. The process starts with a basic information request we will email to your key contact person (often a director or manager)

We’ll ask you for:

  • Your Legal Business Name

  • Your Trading Name

  • Your Business FSP Number

  • Your Logos

This will help us set up an account for your Company. 

We’ll also ask for:

  • The names of anyone that will need a Trail account

  • Whether they are advisers of support staff

  • Their FSP numbers (if they’re advisers)

  • Their emails

This will allow us to set up their personal accounts. 

From there, each person listed above will get an email with a setup link to choose their password, and will be able to access Trail!


Technically, your account is ready to use at this point, but we do recommend that your team all go through our onboarding program first. This consists of four guides that will give each person a full understanding of the system:

  1. Getting Started

  2. Personal and Organisation Settings

  3. Mortgage Advice Process

  4. Insurance Advice Process

This is about 60 minutes worth of training content and is spread out over four weeks. If you’re a quick learner and want to get it all at once, you are able to go for this option as well.

Once the full team have completed this, you also have the option of going through a 30 minute session with a member of our Support Team to cover or explain anything that you’re still not quite certain of. If you’re based in Auckland, you are able to arrange a time to come into the office for this training session. 

It is imperative that you complete the training program and have a clear list of questions and topics for this meeting as we want to make it as high-value as possible.

Data Migration

The data migration process varies depending on a few factors

  • Where your current data is stored (which CRM)

  • What state the data is in 

  • What data you would like to migrate

Usually there are two questions advisers want to know:

  1. How long does it take?

  2. How much will it cost?

As a general rule of thumb, we work from a 2-4 week process once we receive the data. Your previous group will email this to you and you will need to forward to our support team. Some providers will email your data same day. Some can take a couple of weeks. The longest we’ve seen is about 6-8 weeks.

In terms of cost, this ranges between $750+GST to $2500+GST. A single adviser moving from a common software product in NZ is $750+GST. A more complex and bespoke import or a large migration from XPlan is around the $2400+GST mark. We will always discuss your data migration options and cost prior to you joining us.